LAX Transportation


LAX transportation challenges are legendary on top of the traffic congestion and other driving difficulties in Los Angeles. Being the world’s fourth busiest airport and the second in the US by passenger volume, congestion and traffic issues are always going to present a challenge. These difficulties are further compounded by the fact that a majority of the more than 87 million passengers it handles annually either start or end their journey at the airport.

Main LAX transportation challenges include:

  • It is not connected to any light rail service meaning transportation to and from the airport is by road.
  • It can take a long time to even an hour to exit the airport after leaving your plane.
  • The new LAX-It system does away with the convenient airport pickups with rideshare services and taxis.
  • The new waiting lot after being dropped by the airport bus is still congested, and most ride-hailing app services are prone to price surging due to a shortage of drivers.
  • It can be complicated to get the hang of the changes and new developments attempting to make exiting the airport easier.
  • None of the bus shuttles available at the airport which are cheaper cover all locations limiting your options.

These are just some of the significant LAX transportation difficulties you will have to deal with while seeking to exit or enter the airport. Hiring a car from North Coast Limo offers an efficient solution to most of these challenges.

Benefits of using an executive sedan or Town Car from North Coast Limo


After the long flight or when you are about to have one, the last you need is a constant hassle with your transportation. Late arrivals can affect your travel experience and even mess up your schedule to a large degree or cost you money in lost business deals or rescheduled flights. A limo service brings with it a reliability taxis and other transportation options cannot offer. You are in control, and the risk of unexpected events is mitigated.

Local drivers

North Coast limos hire local drivers with experience in safety protocols, knowledge of the airport and its terminals as well as the best routes in and out of the airport. Such knowledge comes in handy when you are looking for a swift and safe exit from the airport and path to your destination. They also help you as knowledgeable local guides.

Luxury and convenience

Using an executive sedan or town car provides one with luxury and convenience, which is what you need on a long trip. It starts with a meet-and-greet service, as your driver helps you navigate your way from the luggage section and escorts you to your comfy car. There are no stopovers, and you are in charge of the schedule. The relaxed environment in the vehicle allows you to get ready for your next destination or even appointments and meetings.

Fixed rates

Unlike taxis and rideshare apps whose price changes invariably, hiring a limo provides you with a fixed rate. You can, therefore, budget your transportation costs in advance and avoid being a victim of price surges.

There are very few things you can control in the course of your travel. However, you can determine how you get in and out of LAX, and using North Cost limos is the best option for safe, fast, and relaxed LAX transportation.

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