North Coast Limousine offers professional luxury sedan and SUV transportation. Our desire to consistently provide comfortable and reliable transportation to our clients sets us apart from other companies. We offer affordable sedan and SUV service with the personalized attention our clients deserve.


Our drivers have extensive knowledge of Southern California airports, Amtrak stations, and cruise terminals.

You can feel confident that we will get you to the airport timely for your flight and will be there waiting upon your return.

We offer service to and from the following airports:

  • San Diego Airport (SAN)
  • Orange County / John Wayne Airport (SNA)
  • Los Angeles Intl. Airport (LAX)
  • Ontario Airport (ONT)
  • Long Beach Airport (LGB)

North Coast Limousine also provides rides to smaller airports, such as, Montgomery Field, French Valley Airport, Brown Field, and Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar.

Enjoy affordable transportation to the San Diego Cruise Port and the Ports of Los Angeles in San Pedro and Long Beach, and all Amtrak train stations.


Feel secure using our quick and convenient payment system. We offer the option of swipe or chip reading for your debit card or credit card transactions.


Fantastic Service! Robert was there to take us to LAX early in the morning at 3:45 then a return at 10:30 pm . We had a great trip and north coast made it so much better by allowing us to relax to and from the airport in style with a stretch limousine....we will call Robert again the next time we need a special ride!
Debbie E. - Murrieta, CA
My family has used the services of North Coast Limo (NCL) for over 15 years and we can truly say their service has been consistently excellent! While we use Uber and taxis sometimes, we use NCL for all of our most important rides (e.g., airport) because we can count on them and we can plan ahead. Their cars are great and the drivers are all personable and excellent. It is more satisfying to have a company that knows you and who you are than to call a stranger all the time. If you like to plan your services ahead of time, then using NCL makes even more sense than other services. We find that for the longer rides, NCL rates are much more reasonable and lower than Uber or taxis. As we all look for good prices and dependability, we think NCL is worth your trying as your go-to transportation service provider.
Tim A. - San Elijo Hills, CA
We used North Coast Limousine for our daughter's 16th birthday party. Cindy was our driver. She was very nice and professional. She drove us from Fallbrook to Fullerton and then back after our dinner party. Very smooth service, nice comfortable car and excellent, friendly service. I don't know anything about the pricing though, since my brother in Spokane paid for it as a surprise for our daughter. An awesome gift and a fun night!! I would use this company again for sure.
Eric - Fallbrook, CA


Limousine & Black Car Transportation and Rental Services in Temecula

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If you will be flying out of {citu01}, and you would like to use a limousine service to pick you up and also drop you off, there are few companies as professional as North Coast Limousine. This is a business that has been providing services in this area, and many others, for many years. They have a large fleet of vehicles that you can choose from, and they can provide you with security and comfort, regardless of the time that you are arriving or departing. If you would like to experience how it feels to travel to and from an airport in a limousine, NCL is the company that you should contact. Here is a quick overview of this limousine service that you can trust to get you to the airport on time in Murrieta CA.

Limo Temecula

This company has a large fleet of vehicles that you can choose from. Depending upon your preference, you can have one of our professionals take you to the airport in one of them. This will include black executive sedans that have fine leather, tinted windows, and many other features. They also have executive town cars, corporate sedans, and they even have Hummers. Operating since 1993, they are one of the most popular services that can get you to any of the airports in Southern California. They are also aware of the different Amtrak stations and cruise terminals if you are departing the west coast of California. From Long Beach to Ontario airport, they can provide you with reliable services.

Limousine Service Temecula

This limousine service also serves the Orange County area, taking people to John Wayne Airport or even LAX if that is where they need to go. They are also aware of all of the smaller airports which will include Carlsbad McClellan Palomar, Brownfield, French Valley Airport, and Montgomery Field to name a few. Those that are departing on cruises from San Diego will also be able to get to their destination. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and San Pedro are also locations that they can drive you to if necessary. Not only can they help you get to your cruise or flight on time, but they also provide this type of service for events. If you are planning a special occasion, or if you are going to be at a sporting event, you can show up in style with your own driver in one of these luxury vehicles. If you will be going to a concert, or if you have a date that you would like to impress, these drivers will be able to make you look good. They also provide around town transportation if you would like to go shopping. There is nothing like going shopping in a fancy car with your own driver behind the wheel.

Limo Service Temecula

NCL has many locations where you can find their service providers. You can find them by searching for North Coast Limousine. If you are going to and from Murietta, Escondido, or even Temecula, they can get you to your destination without any problems at all. They also serve the people of Oceanside, Fallbrook, Carlsbad, and also the Inland Valley. All of these locations will have drivers that will be ready and willing to take you to your destination, regardless of when you need to be picked up or dropped off. They have a toll-free number that you can call in order to schedule a time for them to pick you up and drive you to the location of your choice. It’s also possible to get a quote on their website. You simply need to type in the name of the service that you want, the date of the service, pickup time, the number of hours that you will need them and the type of vehicle that you would like to be in as they drive you around. This will include luxury sedans, SUVs, and stretch limousines. Our drivers are able to drive all of them wherever you need to go. Additionally, you need to add your pickup location and the destination where you want to be driven. Once you send this off, a representative of the company will give you a call to schedule a time to pick you up.

Limousine Temecula

One of the best things about this company is they have a reputation for always being on time. You will never have to worry about getting to your destination. If you are planning a party for someone special, you can also have them pick them up and drive them to the location where the gathering will be. They have many online reviews that you can read from happy customers, some of which have been using their services for 15 years. Whether you are planning a trip, special event, or you just want to drive around with a driver to make yourself look special, they are there to provide you with the experience that you would like to have. They also have reasonable rates for all of the vehicles that they have. It doesn’t matter what you want to drive around in on that day. You might want to be in a limo on one occasion, and in a luxury sedan on another, giving you a lot of flexibility on how to use this reliable service.

Limo Rental Temecula

If you go to their website, you can also see the images of the different vehicles that they have been there fleet. They will provide you with a detailed explanation of each one. If you have not been to other areas of Los Angeles, or even the San Diego area, you can schedule them to pick you up to drive you to these locations. No one will know that this is really not your driver. It’s something that people treat themselves to every now and then. It is very easy to schedule a time for them to pick you up, but it is recommended that you call them several weeks in advance of when you want to leave just to make sure that you get the right vehicle and they can pick you up at the time that you choose.

North Coast Limousine is one of the best companies in the state of California offering limousine, SUV, and luxury sedans services. If you are departing on a cruise, flight, or if you have a get together where you want to show up in style, contact NCL to schedule your pickup time. Once you have use this business, you will probably recommend it to friends because of the affordable rates and the professionalism that you will experience. It’s a great way to travel, with your own personal driver behind the wheel, of the luxury vehicle that you would like to be seen in.

Hiring a limo driver, or using a limousine service, is a very common practice in the Southern California region. This is an area where there are very wealthy people, some of which actually have their own limos and limo drivers that are on payroll. However, for the average person that is traveling, or even someone that is on a business trip, you can still experience how it feels to be driven around in a limo. In fact, there are companies that will drive you to the airport, appointments, or even to a train station in Hummers, SUVs, and luxury sedans. A company by the name of North Coast Limousine is a company you can trust, a business that has been offering their services in Southern California for over 20 years. Let’s take a look at the services they offer, and why you should consider scheduling a time for them to pick you up, or drop you off, at the airport and other destinations.

The type of transportation service that they provide is multifaceted. First of all, there is the fleet of vehicles that they have available. You can choose from stretch limos to Hummers, and even SUVs, plus a fleet of luxury sedans that are perfect for people on business trips. Once you have chosen a vehicle that you would like to be seen in, you can schedule a time for them to pick you up. Many people will have a car pick them up at the local airport wherever they happen to be staying. You might be flying into San Diego, Temecula Valley, Marietta, or one of many other cities that they cover in the SoCal area. If you are in Southern California and you would like to be driven to a special event like a concert, this is also a service that they will provide.

Car Service Temecula

The key to making sure that you get the vehicle that you want on the day that you needed is to contact this business early. It’s actually a very popular company, one that is used by locals and visitors alike, and they may not have the vehicle that you are requesting. This tends to happen to people suddenly realize they want to be driven to a friend’s house to impress them. However, by scheduling in advance, you should have no problem at all getting the vehicle that you want on the day that you need it.

Limo Car Temecula

If your goal is to be seen in a stretch limo, North Coast Limousine is a company you can trust for providing you with the best looking limos in the area. All of their drivers have been fully certified, and they are also knowledgeable of local places that you might want to visit if you happen to be a tourist in SoCal for your first time. You may have a very complex vacation planned. For example, you could be going on a cruise, and the following week, you will be going on a train ride. You can schedule the pickup and drop-off times with this company so that every time that you are departing or arriving you are picked up in a stretch limousine. If you don’t like limos, they do have a large fleet of vehicles to choose from. You might prefer a luxury sedan. Regardless of your choice, you need to call this company up, or simply request more information, about scheduling a time where the drivers can drop you off or pick you up.

Black Car Service Temecula

When people refer to a black car service, it almost always refers to a limousine. Specifically, it is a limo that is driven by a chauffeur. You will see wealthy people being dropped off all the time. The prices that they charge for this service are very reasonable. You should be very happy with the mannerisms of the limo driver, and their knowledge of the area. You might want to drive from San Diego up into Anaheim, or you might heading over to Carlsbad. Either way, they will have limo drivers that will know how to get there.

Chauffeur Temecula

Chauffeurs that this company employs will always be of a high-caliber. They screen them to make sure they are not only good but safe drivers. You will never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic, or getting lost, because they have done this so many times. If you decide, the next time that you use them, to drive a completely different vehicle, all of the chauffeurs can handle any vehicle of your choice. You might prefer driving around town in a luxury sedan or SUV one day, and then you will be back to driving the limo later on in the week. You can always count on the professionalism of these chauffeurs that work for NCL. They are top-of-the-line and will know exactly where to go, wherever you request to be dropped off or picked up. As mentioned before, if you have a fun filled vacation planned where you are writing trains, or taking cruises, they can always get you to that destination on time.

Shuttle Service Temecula

If you want to experience the absolute best shuttle service you have ever had, there is no better way to get to your next flight than in a luxury car. For example, you might be coming out of LAX, and then you are taking a private flight from a smaller airport like Montgomery Field. They can drop you off so you can make your flight, all the while impressing people that see you coming out of that limo. Whether this is a flight that will go out of Brown Field, or if you are taking a train from San Pedro or Long Beach, arriving in a limo is something that you will always remember. It is going to be the best shuttle service you ever have from the airport taking you to your next destination, even if that’s going to be the rental car center.

You should consider contacting North Coast Limousine if you will be in SoCal in the near future. Plan your trip in advance, making sure that one of their drivers pick you up at the airport, or drives you to a meeting or special occasion. You have your choice of all of the vehicles in their fleet. It is one of the best selections of any limousine company in Southern California. They are also one of the most affordable, allowing you to save money while you are making quite an impact by driving around in these luxury vehicles.

Information About The North Coast Limo Company

Locating the best airport shuttle service doesn’t have to be that hard if you are in Southern California. There are quite a few companies that offer this service, but few of them can compete with North Coast Limo. This company has been serving since 1993, providing services for people that want to be picked up, and delivered to, the airport in style. They also provide luxury cars, SUVs, and many other vehicles. If you would like to be dropped off at a cruise, concert, or any other venue in one of these luxury vehicles, you should consider contacting North Coast Limo to find out if they can help you out. Here is an overview of this company, why people use it, and how you can reserve an appointment with them.

Airport Shuttle Temecula

One of the main reasons that people will use this particular services that they do provide limousine pickup at the airport. There are people that simply do not have the money to afford a limo and a limo driver, but they can rent one for a day. You will be able to have people look at you as you are getting in your limousine as they drive you away from the airport to your hotel. This is something that many people enjoy doing, and they might treat themselves from time to time just to have the experience. In addition to this, they can be picked up at their hotel and taken to the airport in order to catch the next flight. This is a company that will pick you up day or night, regardless of the time, as long as you reserve your pickup time or drop off time with them over the phone or online.

Airport Transfers Temecula

If you are going to be transferring to a different airport, you can also use this service. They are well aware of every airport in the Southern California area. For example, you could have flown and on Long Beach airport, and then you will need to depart on a flight at Ontario airport. They can make this happen. Likewise, if you are coming into LAX, and you are flying out of San Diego airport, they can also take you all the way down right to the edge of the California border. Regardless of when you are flying out, or what airport you are going to be at for your next departure date, they will be there for you. It’s all about making the call, or submitting the request on their website, so that you can set this up.

Airport Transportation Temecula

Going beyond airport transportation, they also offer special packages. For example, if you have a son or daughter that is graduating from high school and you would like them picked up on that big day, you can have this set up where they are. You can also choose from different types of vehicles. Perhaps they would prefer being seen in an SUV, or a luxury car. However, most people that are at that age will choose a limousine so they can bring their friends with them. Perhaps you are going to a concert and you would like to look like a rockstar yourself. You can have these limo drivers drop you off right at the front. If you are going to be on a cruise, there are many places in Southern California where cruises depart. You can have them drive you to the line leading to the cruise so that you look very important. You could also choose to show up in a home or if you want to, or any of the fleet vehicles that they have do offer. They are a versatile company, one that will make sure that you look extra special for what ever event is coming up.

Airport Limo Service Temecula

Getting back to the topic of Airport limo service, you can schedule this either a couple days before you need to be picked up, or you could do this a few months before your arrival. In the same way, you can also plan for them to pick you up at the hotel if you are going to depart. They make this as easy as possible for people that live in Southern California, and those that are visiting. If you have a wedding that is planned, this is a fantastic way to not only show up, but to leave right after the ceremony. You have probably seen people do this before. It’s not a large added cost, and when you are driving away in your limo, looking back at everyone that was there, it will be a great memory not only for you but also them. At the very least, you might want to just consider driving around. If you are a tourist in Southern California, you might want to explore the SoCal area and a limousine. If you want to go off road a little bit, you can have them drive you to remote locations with a Hummer. As long as they are able to come they will take you to whatever location that you request.

Airport Rides Temecula

Another thing to consider is if you are going on a train. There are many train stations that take people on trips all the time. You can’t believe how easy it is to travel from one location to the next by train right out of Southern California. If you want to show up in a luxury sedan or a limousine, they can make that happen. Their drivers are fully trained to not only drive these vehicles, but they are very knowledgeable about all things in the Southern California area. Whether you are departing on a cruise, going to a concert, or if you are taking a train ride, they can get you there without any problems at all. Of course, modern technology makes it possible for people to use GPS units, but their drivers are skilled and knowledgeable as well.

Airport Service Temecula

If you are going to be landing in Southern California, be sure to contact them to set up your pickup time. You also need to provide them with the drop off address of the hotel that you will be staying at. If you have a larger itinerary, such as flying out and coming back a couple times while you are in Southern California, you can also provide that to them so they can properly plan. Instead of being picked up one time, or dropped off any limo, you might plan to be driven around quite a bit. You might be going to meetings and you will need a luxury sedan that can make you look wealthy or important. It might help you close a deal that you have been sent to Southern California for as part of your job.

Airport Shuttle Service Temecula

Instead of taking the shuttle, it’s important to treat yourself with a limousine ride that can take you to your rental car. Although this might seem ridiculous, if you don’t want to drive around in a limousine or SUV the entire time you are in Southern California, a short ride to the rental car agency is probably good enough. If you want to use them for something later on, you can always set another appointment. They have many drivers that will be able to accommodate you. As long as they have plenty of notice, you should be able to get the vehicle that you want instead of what is available because you are calling at the last minute.

Airport Limo Temecula

Whether this is a vacation that you are thinking, or if you are in SoCal for business, a limo ride from the airport is the very least you should do for yourself. It’s a great way to acclimate to this beautiful region of California, and it will make you feel more confident and happy. Sometimes people avoid getting into limos in this matter because they think it’s too expensive. That is not what you will find with North Coast Limo. This is a company that makes this type of activity very affordable, regardless of your budget. The only ask that you give them plenty of notice so that you can get the exact limousine, SUV, or luxury sedan that you want.

This is a very popular company in Southern California. Whether you are going to be in the Riverside County, Orange County, LA, or San Diego, definitely consider giving them a call. They offer a toll-free number, plus you can contact them using the handy form on their website. This is a decision that you should consider making even if you have done it before. Contact NCL today to schedule your pickup time if you will be traveling in or out of Southern California for business or a vacation.

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