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North Coast Limousine offers professional luxury sedan and SUV transportation. Our desire to consistently provide comfortable and reliable transportation to our clients sets us apart from other companies. We offer affordable sedan and SUV service with the personalized attention our clients deserve.


Our drivers have extensive knowledge of Southern California airports, Amtrak stations, and cruise terminals.

You can feel confident that we will get you to the airport timely for your flight and will be there waiting upon your return.

We offer service to and from the following airports:

  • San Diego Airport (SAN)
  • Orange County / John Wayne Airport (SNA)
  • Los Angeles Intl. Airport (LAX)
  • Ontario Airport (ONT)
  • Long Beach Airport (LGB)

North Coast Limousine also provides rides to smaller airports, such as, Montgomery Field, French Valley Airport, Brown Field, and Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar.

Enjoy affordable transportation to the San Diego Cruise Port and the Ports of Los Angeles in San Pedro and Long Beach, and all Amtrak train stations.


Feel secure using our quick and convenient payment system. We offer the option of swipe or chip reading for your debit card or credit card transactions.


Fantastic Service! Robert was there to take us to LAX early in the morning at 3:45 then a return at 10:30 pm . We had a great trip and north coast made it so much better by allowing us to relax to and from the airport in style with a stretch limousine....we will call Robert again the next time we need a special ride!
Debbie E. - Murrieta, CA
My family has used the services of North Coast Limo (NCL) for over 15 years and we can truly say their service has been consistently excellent! While we use Uber and taxis sometimes, we use NCL for all of our most important rides (e.g., airport) because we can count on them and we can plan ahead. Their cars are great and the drivers are all personable and excellent. It is more satisfying to have a company that knows you and who you are than to call a stranger all the time. If you like to plan your services ahead of time, then using NCL makes even more sense than other services. We find that for the longer rides, NCL rates are much more reasonable and lower than Uber or taxis. As we all look for good prices and dependability, we think NCL is worth your trying as your go-to transportation service provider.
Tim A. - San Elijo Hills, CA
We used North Coast Limousine for our daughter's 16th birthday party. Cindy was our driver. She was very nice and professional. She drove us from Fallbrook to Fullerton and then back after our dinner party. Very smooth service, nice comfortable car and excellent, friendly service. I don't know anything about the pricing though, since my brother in Spokane paid for it as a surprise for our daughter. An awesome gift and a fun night!! I would use this company again for sure.
Eric - Fallbrook, CA


November 17, 2017

North Coast Limousine
2129 Industrial Ct St D Vista, CA 92081

Learn More About North Coast Limousine

When you are traveling or you have special guest flying in, then using a quality limo service can be a great choice. If you are a guest who is flying into San Diego Airport, Orange County, Los Angeles International, Ontario, or Long Beach Airport, you can depend on North Coast Limousine for all of your local travel needs. Here we’ll take a look at North Coast Limousine and the five main services they can provide.

1. Limousine Service & Rentals in Vista CA

When selecting a company to provide your limo rental service you want to make sure that they have a good collection of limos. When the company has a good selection it means you’re able to have more options to choose among. It is also important that you check to see how reliable the company is.

Obviously, if you are in town on business or if you have very special guests that are coming, then you want them to be picked up and transported in a very timely and courteous manner. You will want the limousine to be of good quality and not some old worn out limo. Things such as driver experience and how well they know the area, as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle and the professionalism of the driver, are all among the things that you will want to verify.

You might also want a variety of choices when calling on a limo rental service. Some of the services that we can provide include transportation to and from the airport, transportation to sporting events, concerts, start to finish limo services for date night, transportation to get around town, and even limo rental by the hour when and where you need us.

2. Shuttle Service For Those On The Go In 92085

Whenever you have a group that needs to be transported to a special event then you might want to consider arranging for a shuttle service. It is a very reliable way to get all of those in the group to the event and back in a safe, convenient, and comfortable way. If a group is coming in on business and the corporation arranges for a shuttle service it is often considered by the group to be very courteous and gives them a feeling that the company cares about them.

It is very important that you find a shuttle service that is highly reliable. North Coast Limousines can provide the quality that you’re looking for at an affordable rate. Whether the group is large or small we have the shuttle service that will be perfect for the situation. Whether you go with us or another company, you will want to make sure that the service you’re making the arrangements with has enough resources to accommodate your needs.

When planning for groups it’s often recommended that you arrange for a shuttle that has the capacity to handle a little bit larger group than you expect. We have found that in many cases this is very helpful and those that arrange for a little larger shuttle always found that they were glad they did so.

3. Transportation Service 92084 For Travelers and VIP’s

When it comes to arranging for the right type of Transportation Service there are few things that you want to consider. The company should be one that has been around for a while so that it has the chance to earn a reputation. Transportation is something that you really don’t want to take a chance on using a company or driver that has no prior experience or reputation.

The transportation service should be fully insured and offer a choice of vehicle types and services available so that you can choose what is suitable for your situation. If it’s an individual that needs to be transported or if it’s a large group, then you’ll need to decide on the type of limo or shuttle that is necessary for the person or group. Getting around in an area that you don’t know is not easy but with the right transportation service, it’s no problem at all.

If the driver is experienced and knowledgeable about the area then they will be able to get you wherever you need to go in the most timely manner while all the while making sure to put safety as a priority. There are many times when someone may want to use a transportation service that can provide more than just being taxied from one place to another.

We often encounter business executives where the company wants to show them that they are highly valued and therefore they want to give them the luxury of having a limo that picks them up at the airport and that is available to them during their stay. Parents who have a teenage daughter or son that is going to the big city for the first time can often feel more at ease if they know that their child is being transported everywhere they go by a professional limo driver who will make sure that they’re able to go where they want but that they also return to their hotel at the end of the day or the evening.

4. Black Car And Luxury Car Service Vista For Business People

There are times when a simple taxi is just not enough. You need something that’s going to be upscale in every way. The car needs to be luxurious and the driver needs to be properly dressed and the driver must know how to act appropriately to provide a genuinely luxurious ride. This is when you’re want to get black car and luxury car service.

If you have a VIP coming in on business, then you want to show them that you value them as someone that is very important. One of the ways that you can do that is to provide them with luxury car service. If they are picked up at the airport in a timely way with a driver who has formal wear and is driving a highly luxurious limousine and if they greet and cater to the VIP, then it will give a great first impression.

If you’re going on that very important first date and you really want to make the experience beyond anything your date could imagine, then you will want to consider arranging for a black car and luxury car service. There are few things that you could do to impress your date then to show up at the door on time with a beautiful and luxurious limousine along with an equally impressive driver that takes you everywhere you wish to go during the night and in the lap of luxury and without any concerns about the transportation.

5. Airport Shuttle Service near 92081

Whenever you’re flying into a city that you don’t know much about there are a number of ways that you can choose to get around but very few of them will offer the luxury, comfort, and safety of arranging for an airport limo transportation service. With this type of service, you will be assured that you are picked up on time and that whatever luggage you have can be easily transported along with you and that you can arrive from the airport to your destination without any concerns.

Going this route not only ensures your comfort and safety but it also means that it removes any worries or concerns about getting around town. Often with a taxi service, you’re left wondering if they’re going to take you the most direct route or some roundabout way. If you have questions about other places you might want to visit, you may be unsure of the quality of the service that you’ll get. But when you arrange for airport limo transportation you will have someone that is there willing and wanting to accommodate your needs and they will be glad to answer your questions and make any additional stops that you need.

North Coast Limousine And Airport Transportation 92083

Regardless of whether you just need a limo to pick you up from the airport and take you comfortably and safely to your hotel room or you need a shuttle to pick up a large group, you’ll find that we have the services, the experienced drivers, and the luxurious limousines and shuttles that will work perfectly for your situation. Our services are very affordable while providing a high level of luxury, safety, and comfort.

There really is no reason to use other methods such as a taxi service or car rental when our services are priced appropriately and provide outstanding service in the lap of luxury. There are so many times that a service such as ours can accommodate your needs and you should consider calling us and seeing exactly how it is we can help your situation. We offer a secure way to pay us by having available a card reader that you simply swipe and it can take the required payment from your debit or credit card.

All of our drivers have tremendous knowledge of Southern California, it’s airports, the Cruise Terminals, and Amtrak stations. We offer rides to the smaller airports as well, and these include French Valley Airport, Montgomery field, Carlsbad McLellan-Palomar, and Brownfield. We can even provide transportation to San Diego cruise port, the Amtrack train stations, and the ports of Los Angeles in San Pedro and Long Beach.

We recommend that you don’t trust your transportation and safety to any service. We are a professional service with experience and customer satisfaction and have been providing the area with quality limo services for decades. Give us a call today.

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